Paintings by Hong Hong, Katie Lane, Noé Jimenez, and Cristina Umaña Durán

August 1-19

Curated by Noé Jimenez

The works exhibited in Relief are paintings "built from scratch". Each painting's deliberate construction emphasizes the preliminary, support, and building processes as crucial elements in the final product. Hong Hong's natural paintings are formed and manipulated by the outdoor environment, building substance through nature's materiality.

The cyclical phenomena of nature--churning and dying the paper pulp--directly reflects the impermanence of the work's process and result. Katie Lane and Noé Jimenez coat and envelope ready made or constructed forms, their painting's building process guided by architectural, environmental, and cultural influences. The layers of Lane and Jimenez's work are concentrated impressions of the elements that form the traditionally "completed" painting. Cristina Umaña Durán applies her love of drawing onto installation and textile work as a method of bringing flatness into the three dimensional through site-specific, printed fabric sculptures.

By redefining the structure of the painting's physical support, each artist establishes an individualized context. Existing as a combination of image and form, sculpture and painting, these works represent both artistic and literal Relief. 

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